Why don’t we do it in the road? Canyon (Serendipity) & waratahs! (29 Oct 2022)

I could largely lift the introductory paragraphs from the last time Jon, Tom & I did Serendipity back in 2016. Only a few tweaks would be needed – general gist the same. Short canyon due to injury concerns, last minute decision to go, glad to get out because it had been a dud season…

Some significant differences though – didn’t see anyone else in the canyon which was amazing, and we failed to quiz Jon on any Good Weekend questions (major failing!).

Waratah season

Snazzy new signposts

There’s been a lot of new signposts put up since we were last in the area. Though not far after this one you get to a junction with no sign-posts, so… they’ll only get you so far.

Our third abseil

First abseil into the lower canyon section

Beautiful sunny day

Jon, Tom and the final abseil

Lunch jumps

Lunch jumps

We spent our long, lazy lunch surrounded by waterdragons. It was quite disconcerting, at one stage we were encircled by 6 of them.

(One of many) Bold waterdragon

And then to go back to the circumstances of the previous trip we bumped into some people we weren’t expecting at Cathedral Reserve making for a convivial evening. (Happy birthday Phil! Nice curry!)

On Sunday Tom & I set out for Better Offer Canyon but one of my niggles flared up part way in, so we just had morning tea on a pagoda with expansive views, then contented ourselves with flower photography on the way out. Lots of waratahs around at the moment!


More waratahs

Views over Birrabang Creek

Waratahs a-go-go