Wanganderry Walls (5-6 June 2021)

With three birthdays in four weeks it was a good chance to revisit Wanganderry Walls almost a year to the day since we first visited.

Tom with Bonnum Pic in the background

Easy walking on the rocky tops

Smiffy & Toni through an arch

Yup, this will do for happy hour

More cliffs during the golden hour

Vivien & Tom checking out the views

Happy hour begins – smoked salmon & horseradish sour cream crackers

Happy hour continues – the healthy stuff 🙂

I should point out in case anyone thinks we’ve gone conservative on happy hour that there was a lot more to come (including Thai pork meatballs with dipping sauce as well as an olive bread) – I just didn’t photograph the rest. As usual no dinner was required!

It was a nice sunset

Happy hour

Lingering light

Mt Colong

Cake time!

Walking out the next day