Burra Korain Head (April 2018)

A lovely walk out along Burra Korain Ridge gave us speccy views of the Grose Valley in several directions.


Gross Valley views


Tom at our morning tea spot

After morning tea we retraced some of our steps and the headed west towards Victoria Creek.


Pagodas galore – who knew?

We had lunch on the cliffs above Victoria Creek.


Carl & Tom at our lunch spot

After lunch we left Tom to head back the way we came and the rest of us headed steeply down into the creek.


It wasn’t all views, there was some creek bashing


And some very pretty sections of creek


Victoria Creek

After we got to the creek then it was up the other side. The vegetation was fairly challenging.


Some fairly arduous bush-bashing

Before we made it to the base of the cliff line which we followed round until a break.



And I finally got to Odin Head the way I had planned to go a couple of years ago. We met a couple of other bushwalkers there who we had a good chat with.


And then views back to where we came from

And luckily for us when we got to Victoria Falls Road they offered us a life back to our cars (Tom was meant to pick us up but had gone adventuring on his way out so was running a little late).