Upper Bowens Creek South Canyon (2 Dec 2022)

The forecast wasn’t that nice for Friday, and I had an appointment. But then Tom told me that he’d arranged to do Bowens South – which at one point was my most frequently done canyon (5 times between 2005-2010) but I hadn’t done it for 12 years. Some last minute scrambling with the appointment meant I could join the team on a 16°C cloudy day.

The team on the way in on a gloomy day

Jo & Lauren passing the time of day

Tom abseiling

Canyon formation

Lunch was a bit chilly and we were all glad to get moving again, particularly Lauren who was the only one in a spring suit.

Jo making her way through the canyon

Jo still making her way through the canyon 🙂

Tom, Lauren & Jo

The mystery hand

Lauren contemplating a jump

Surprisingly a complete submersion seemed to warm me up and the remainder of the canyon felt comfortable temperature-wise. It’s interesting how I had quite strong memories of the upper section abseils but little memory of the deep lower constriction.



The not so robust exit

I don’t remember what this exit used to be like – but Tom assured us it was a bit more robust than what we were confronted with. While we managed to get up easily enough it felt like it wouldn’t be viable after much traffic.

Yellow backpacks