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Wolgan Canyoning

The Festival of Tom's birthday continued with a weekend of canyoning in the Wolgan.

Tom abseiling into our first canyon

Gill log walking

Gill being stared at by everyone as she negotiates a short drop (most of us abseiled)

The snaparazzi are out in force!

Tom at the top of a series of 3 drops - Smiffy jumped them all - some of us waited until the water was over head-high so only did 1 jump

Toni contemplating the jump which we all did

Toni jumping

Looking up the canyon

Gill enjoying another dunking

Toni demonstrating one way to get down

Tom taking advantage of the last opportunity for a water jump

Little did he know round the corner was Rich waiting with the Thomas and Friends Celebration Cake! Though we were all so cold that we pushed on a bit so we could stop shivering and enjoy the cake.

Looks in pretty good nick given it's been sitting in Rich's car for the past 2 weeks while he has been out canyoning. Should we be disturbed? (For reference it was made in Scotland and has been "thawed for our convenience".)

Tom is embued with angelic properties as he sets to cutting the cake (the box did have very explicit instructions on how one should cut the cake... which Tom duly ignored)

Camp for the night

Gill with some of the gourmet treats - cream cheese and smoked salmon on one, prawns with home-made pistachio dip on the other. yum!

Breakfast time on day 2

Rich starts up our pass

while the rest of us wander up the creek for a squiz

Looking back down the canyon once I've hit a large impassable waterfall

Snake that I walked past completely obviously on the way up the canyon

Back down the canyon

Tom climbing the pass using a rope set by Rich

Toni and Smiffy climbing the pass using ropes set by Rich

Gill climbing the pass

Tom enjoying the views

Tom halfway down a short section of canyon in our second creek

Gill abseiling down a short section of canyon

Tom happy that we found what we were looking for - a very large drop!

Tom abseiling

Looking back up the drop

Short abseil at the end of the canyon