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Coorongooba-Numietta Canyoning

We had a late start on Boxing Day, and had to reschedule plans at the last minute, so the first day we just walked in for a couple of hours and camped. As this was our 7th extended trip to the general area we spent a lot more time exploring smaller creeks rather than descending canyons we had some knowledge of. Consequently while there were some good canyons there were also a lot of fairly average ones. We moved around quite a lot to try and fill in gaps of areas we hadn't explored previously - there is still lots to be explored out there.

Day 2 (27/12)

The bottom of our first crappy canyon. It's not all beautiful canyon formation!

Our second canyon is looking a bit more promising though!

Sue enjoying a decent canyon after her previous 5 days of creeks (not so many canyons)

A very dark, somewhat narrow downclimb (artificially lit)

Tom in the canyon

Canyon formation

Looking back up a section of canyon

Tom's pack trying to dislodge him on a short hand-over-hand

Looks like the end

Sue trying to keep as dry as possible

Our home for the next couple of nights. Sue and I sat out going to visit another crappy canyon that afternoon (and also stayed dry when a thunderstorm hit)

Day 3 (28/12)

Some canyon section high up in the creek

Tom emerging from the raspberry bush blockade

Rich squeezing through a hole

Hmmm. This doesn't look like canyon.

The beautiful but short canyon section at the end

That afternoon Tom, Rich, Sue and I climbed up one creek and then descended another one close by. The trickiest part of the climb up the creek was this section.

Tom descending the second creek

Tom bridging

Sue avoiding the deep water

Canyon formation

The group in the canyon

Day 4 (29/12)

Today we explored a creek near our camp cave and then moved camp over into another creek system via a couple of canyons.

Looking down canyon

An abseil

Tom abseiling

Tom bridging high to see what is around the corner

Smiffy emerging from a narrow section towards the end.

The final drop to get out of the creek

Looking up the canyon

Climbing out on to the ridge

After descending a long way down our creek we hit some high quality canyon.

Rich abseiling

Canyon formation

At first we thought this guy was dead but he moved when we walked past. Probably not happy to be stuck in a canyon

Very pleasant campsite for the evening

Day 5 (30/12)

The next morning we head upstream through a canyon before heading onto the ridge and into another creek system. There were a few challenges along the way. Come on guys who can get up first?

Looks like Tom won this one.

Interesting rock formation

Tom in the upper section of our canyon

Once in our new creek we climbed out via a side tributary and climbed over the ridge to descend another tributary. This canyon was reasonable but I didn't take many photos. This is an abseil in the upper section of the canyon

Tom trying to keep his feet dry

We then headed downstream and explored up a side tributary. The others explore some other tributaries before we all climbed out.

Eventually we made camp not long before sunset

Day 6 (31/12)

Tom looking forward to a swim on another hot day

Interesting arch formation

Tom abseiling into our second canyon of the day

Small snake

Excellent canyon formation

Tom abseiling

Tom in the canyon

Looking up the canyon

Smiffy at the top of the final drop

Lunch cave

Ascending a creek - Rich demonstrating how he climbed up to place a rope for the rest of us

Excellent happy hour views for New Years Eve

The fire meant we had an interesting sunset

Helicopters were a constant for our trip as they went back and forth to the fire

Day 7 (1/1)

Dawn views

Lace monitor