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South Wolgan Canyoning

South Wolgan Canyoning - day 1

View down Zobels Gully with Tom climbing the pagoda

An interesting anchor - would you abseil off this? The sling is no longer there to tempt anyone...

Tom enjoying the debris in the canyon

The best section of canyon



Tom and canyon

Tom and canyon again

Tom looking happy next to one of the side canyon tributaries

Another side canyon - we managed to climb a fair way up this one - some nice interesing climbs

Camping on Deanes Creek

Camping on Deanes Creek - it was a very pleasant night to be sleeping out

South Wolgan Canyoning - day 2

Tom climbing up a steep section in our route out of Deanes Creek and onto the ridge

On the ridge looking back to Deanes Creek

Canyon is starting to form

Our first abseil

Our second abseil

Tom in the canyon

The canyon was full of fallen branches

Our fourth abseil

Looking back up the canyon