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Bungonia Canyoning

Bungonia Creek - day1

The party in the upper section of Bungonia Creek

The first big abseil

Tom showing off

Martin with a star-jump variant

Marese jumping

Tom abseiling

Tom abseiling

Tom with a running jump down the sloping rock (egged on by the other party we bumped into)

Bungonia Canyoning - day 2

Tom looking slightly maniacal

Tom at the top of a slide

About to go over the edge

Smiffy at the bottom of a short abseil

Tom showing off again

Smiffy jumping

Tom abseiling

Smiffy abseiling

Contemplating the view

Smiffy hamming it up for the paparazzi

Tom abseiling, Toni and Smiffy on the ground below

Toni on the final abseil

Tom abseiling

Tom showing off yet again!