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Coorongooba Canyoning

We spent Easter exploring new canyons (for us) around the Coorongooba area. A number of the canyons were very narrow and dark so I don't have that many photos. We also only did a handful of abseils over the four days which also means less photos.

We walked in Good Friday stopping at this Aboriginal cave


There was a bottle full of notes. It took us a long time to get them all out...

One of the older notes - from 1958

Tom entering our first canyon

Wrestling with the tree

Canyon formation

Tom enjoying a wade. The water was pleasantly warm.

Canyon formation

More wading

James showing he still has the down-climbing skills

Tom above a drop

Tom downclimbing the drop

Tom almost down

Tom avoiding the water while Rich watches on

We had hoped for a quick walk over to our next canyon but ended up with a 3 hours ridge bash - but we did get a good lunch spot!

Eyeing off the best route

Rich squeezing, Tom photographing

Tom abseiling

Rich in a squeezy bit

Tom looking awkward at the start of an abseil

Tom abseiling

Tom contemplating a downclimb/jump

Setting up camp on night 2

Tom abseiling

Rich on the same abseil

Tom & Rich enjoying the sunshine on the Coorongooba after rain earlier in the morning

James sat the morning activities out in style

Beautiful section of the Coorongooba

James pretending to enjoy the large amount of vegetation in this canyon


Setting up camp shortly before dark on night 3


James abseiling into a side canyon

Tom on a slippery downclimb