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Glen Davis Canyoning

We spent the weekend at Glen Davis enjoying some beautiful weather after a couple of very wet weeks.

Rich looking intently at something from our pass

Beautiful Capertee Valley

Saturday (09/03)

Rich in the upper section

Tom & Smiffy below a short abseil

The upper section had many large amphitheatres

Rich contemplating whether he can avoid a swim

Smiffy (top), Tom (middle), Rich (bottom)

We bypassed this waterfall by two shorter abseils to the right. Mainly cause we were too wussy to get wet again.

Rich & Tom coiling

Examining the next drop

Action man!

Looking down the canyon

Plenty of water after a couple of good weeks of rain

The full waterfall

Smiffy trying to avoid a swim

Tom swimming (there was no avoiding!)

The top of another big drop!

Tom abseiling

Rich getting pummelled in the waterfall

One way to avoid the water

The final abseil in the canyon

Tom at the bottom of the last abseil in the canyon

Tom demonstrating his skills with an aerobie back at camp

Sun on the cliffs in the early evening at camp

Early morning sun on the cliffs at camp

We had some very airy moments during our pass finding on Sunday.

Fantastic morning tea spot

Checking out the views

Arch in the canyon

Tom abseiling

Duck-under spot

Over or under!

Tom going slightly maniacal

Tom abseiling

Tom abseiling yet again