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Pipeline Canyon

We were amazed, but not complaining, when we woke to blue sky and sunshine. It did mean the slog up the Pipeline Track was a bit tougher. We decided to go in from the top of Pipeline rather than the more frequently done side-tributary. Unfortunately some poor navigation had us coming in a minor gully and we had to cut back up the main creek. Obviously not the first ones to make that mistake we ended up abseiling in from a cliff (pre-existing sling on tree).

Gill abseiling into the upper section of Pipeline

Upper section of Pipeline. The upper section was pretty, but the following creek walk was full of fallen trees and we were pretty happy when we reached the lower section.

Gill bridging to avoid a swim at the junction with the 'normal' entry from the side tributary

Gill on the first abseil in the lower section

Gill on the second abseil in the lower section

Gill in the canyon

Gill abseiling (funnily enough we didn't choose to jump this)

Nice form on an overhanging section

Gill on the final abseil