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Devil's Pinch Canyon

We were super happy that the forecast was wrong and it didn't rain. On our walk out to the start of canyon we disturbed a large black snake and 3 tawny frog mouths.

The alternative anchor points instead of doing the first abseil as a long 25m drop

Looking down the canyon from half way down the first abseil

Gill on the lower part of the first abseil


Gill in upper section of Devil's Pinch

Gill doing a dodgy slide to avoid a wade


Tree root climb to avoid swim

Gill bridging to avoid swimming

Gill bridging

Making smart use of ledges to avoid swimming.

Looking down the canyon from the top of the second abseil

Gill on the second abseil. Fortunately we did a pull down test before she came down as the rope got stuck in some of the worn rope grooves, so Gill needed to keep it out of the grooves when she abseiled.

Canyon formation (channelling Tom!)

Canyon formation

Gill in the lower section of Devil's Pinch

The end of the canyon

Back at camp with a plethora of stoves when there is a perfectly good fire to cook on!