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Bungleboori Canyoning


Tom in Hole-in-the-Wall

Upper section of Hole-in-the-Wall

Tom emerging from a photo shoot

James about to jump

Tom abseiling in the lower section of Hole-in-the-wall


Lunch in mottled shade


James happy we are finally in Fortitude

The rope was just long enough

Tom making it look hard

James checking out the first abseil in Fortitude

Tom on his way down

Tom still on his way down

Tom out of focus

The waterfall next to the abseil

Canyon formation (pity there wasn't that much of it)

Tom preparing for the second abseil

What a lovely start!

The man in his natural state - taking photos in canyons :)

Tom in Fortitude with the Bungleboori in the background

Camp for the night

Tom and James packing up on Sunday morning

A newly patented swimming style (they are moving towards me)


Tom on the first abseil into Crikey

Looking down Crikey from bottom of first abseil

James on the first abseil

Looking back from base of second abseil (very dark and most of pictures didn't come out)

James in the tunnel after the fourth abseil

Tom pulling the rope after the fourth abseil

Coiling the rope

Dark passageway

Tom about to leave the dark constriction and swim

James in a more open section of canyon

James on abseil

recent rockfall