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Glen Davis Canyoning

Gill asleep in the camp cave

Caoimhin half way down the first abseil (Jan 2011), compare the waterflow with the same drop in January 2010

Tom on the second abseil

Caoimhin posing for Tom

Gill in one of the best bits of canyon, there is a duck under the rock in the front of the image

Entrance of a side tributary

Gill abseiling in a narrow section

Gill and James (if you look hard) swimming

Gill with a stuck leg

Tom deciding abseiling is too slow and jumping instead (which is what we all did last time)

James decides it is easier to move the log then duck under it

Tom on the last abseil

Tom wading the ford at the Capertee River

The piles of sand which have built up before the ford

what once was road

the long road bash back to the car because the road was closed (see the barbed wire fence across the road)

somewhat rickety bridge

"Lake Capertee"

finally back to the car

Tom very happy not to have any more road walking

Beautiful Glen Davis, a lot further when having to walk the 5km to the Coorongooba Campground