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Danae Brook Canyon

The waterfall next to the first abseil (which is apparently avoidable)

Looking down from the top of the second abseil into the creek - doesn't look very exciting!

Glover on the first abseil

Interesting debris at the top of the third abseil - most of the slings had similar amounts of debris caught in them from the heavy rains the previous week

Bethany on the second abseil

Bethany on the second abseil - we used a 54.5m rope on a 28m abseil so there was a bit of scrambling off slippery rock platforms to get down the last metre or so

small scramble to negotiate at the bottom of the third abseil - in lower water would be fairly straight forward

looking downstream

Glover on the "waterfall" abseil

Glover disappearing on the "waterfall" abseil - the best abseil he's ever done was the pronouncement afterwards

Tom on the 5th abseil (from the tree on the left, avoiding "Danae direct")

Glover & Bethany enjoying a snack above the 5th abseil (rope shown in photo is to get to top of abseil)

Tom somewhere in Danae Brook

Bethany on the "slippery log" abseil (minus slippery log)

A small climbdown which was pretty straight forward other than the last bit getting into the water - unfortunately I don't have a photo of Glover's reverse twist method...

Tom on the last abseil of the canyon proper