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Dione Dell Canyon

Thurat Spires in the early morning mist

early morning mist

the small waterfall at the top of Kanangra Main

the view from the top of Kanangra Main

Looking down into Kanangra (see the white foam of the creek?)

Caoihim heading down to check it out

Kanangra Falls on our way back to the car

Lower section of Kanangra Falls

First abseil in Dione Dell

First waterfall

Caoihim and the dead tree which once was the anchor

at the bottom of the waterfall (see the dead tree again)

at the bottom of the third (our 2nd) abseil

Waiting for Caoihim to fall in

Rachel with the waterfall

Steve on the final abseil

Rachel and Steve at the edge of Margaret Falls

Looking over the falls

Caoihim and Steve enjoying a swim

Views on the way out

The classic Kanangra Walls