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Kurama to Kibune, Kyoto, Japan

This walk was just out of Kyoto. We took a bus and a train to get to the Kitayama Mountains. The walk starts at one village and climbs over Kurama-yama and finishes in another village. Both villages are on the same train line so it is an easy through walk.

On the way to the start of the walk

Track notes said turn left at the Red Goblin - hard to miss!

Pretty stairs

Sugoi (Cedar) tree

Liz entering the circle of... something?

A big sugoi

Temple (Kurama-dera) close to the top of the climb. It was a very humid day and we were dripping with sweat by the time we got here even though it wasn't a big climb.

Komyoshin-den subtemple with Buddhist altar near the temple

Random fire hydrant

Walking through the forest

beautiful restaurants on platforms over the creek, unfortunately they wouldn't just let us have a drink

More pretty stairs


another restaurant. We sat next to the river and ate our baked goods instead.

Last section of the walk was along the road to Kibune-guchi station