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Lower Jenolan Gorge, Wild Dogs, Blue Mountains

Day 1: Sue at morning tea above Cattle Dog Ridge

Day 1: Views of the Wild Dogs

Day 1: Lunch at Knights Deck (photo thanks to Lynette)

Day 1: Peaceful campsite in the Lower Jenolan Gorge

Day 2: Lower Jenolan Gorge

Day 2: Sue at the point where you need to commit to the water in Lower Jenolan Gorge

Day 2: random tin in a tree

Day 2: Crossing the Coxs

Day 2: Coxs River

Day 2: Morning tea (photo thanks to Lynette)

Day 2: Lynette climbing Quartpot spur

Day 2: Joost on a rocky section on Quartpot spur

Day 2: Classic Carlons Farm view