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Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Lovely rock platforms on Twin Falls Creek

Approaching Amphitheatre Falls

Col leading the way down Amphitheatre Falls

Tom & Jeanette descending Amphitheatre Falls

Tom checking out the route

Tom on the tricky bit


Mike and the magic purple rope passing packs

Assisted descent

Tom, David, Lucy & Aman getting down the last section

Ro opting for the pack float instead of the climb around

Everyone else doing the climb around

Sun dews

Tom jumping

Tom bouldering the low route

Camp on night 5

Morning light at Amphitheatre Falls

Tiny orchids

Tom & Amphitheatre Falls

Enjoying the watefall (spot the 4 people in the photo)

The only freshwater croc we saw...

Camp on night 6

Camp on night 6

The party above the top section of Twin Falls

The top section of Twin Falls

The lower section of Twin Falls

Tom with Twin Falls upper section

Looking down the Twin Falls gorge

Twin Falls gorge

Going for an explore in the afternoon

To get this view of Twin Falls

Tom on an exposed ledge which looks quite safe in this photo

The much easier route back to camp

Camp on night 7

Looking down at camp from the top of a nearby pagoda

Aforementioned pagoda and full moon

Back at the start - Jim Jim Falls

The new sign which had replaced the one I took at the start of the walk

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