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Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

The party eating lunch at Jim Jim Falls car park

The sign at the start of the walk

Up on the escarpment following the Barrk Marlam trail at this stage

Tom at camp on day 1

Aman having a dip before dinner

Tom at above the top section of Jim Jim Falls

Tom on the cliffs above Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls (spot Ro if you can)

Jim Jim Falls

Rachel looking over the main drop of Jim Jim Falls

What I could see in the previous picture :) no sign of crocs below!

Tom above Jim Jim Falls

Rock art

Sunset over Jim Jim Creek

Col & David at camp

Sunset evening 1

Beginning of day 2

Log crossing

Arriving at the 'monoliths'

View from the top (How clear is that water!)

Tom & Col

Dinner on night 2

Water plants

Camp on night 3 - not bad for being away from our two main creeks

Camp on night 3

Tom & Aman cooking dinner

Tom drying his teabag so he can reuse it... not sure why he is waving his spoon

Camp on night 4 - Twin Falls Creek

Green ant nest

Green ants

Tom looking at rock art near to camp on night 4

Rock art

Rock art

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