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The Castle, Morton National Park

Tom on the way up

If you're lost just follow the arrows...

Tom about to enter "the tunnel"

Contemplating at route down at the other end of the tunnel

Oh the concentration!

Views from the Tadpole's Tail

Views from the Tadpole's Tail

We still have to get up there somehow!

The last of 3 roped sections

The man does eat fruit - here's proof!

Could you ask for a better day? Byangee Walls and Pigeon House Mountain

More views

An empty logbook container

Would be better with a new logbook....

What was in the logbook container - clearly has been in need of a new logbook for a while. I'm going to send the contents to NPWS, not sure whether the Mitchell Library will want to archive Salada and Snacks boxes??

More views

On descent - this photo makes it look much easier than it was (perhaps cause you can't see the drop off behind me)

Our campsite at Long Gully

Tom getting the fire going