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Blue Dog Buttress, Wild Dogs, Blue Mountains

Day 1: Chris walking up Ironpot Ridge

Day 1: Stephen walking up Ironpot Ridge

Day 1: Approaching bad weather

Day 1: Break to put on raincoats

Day 1: Descending Ironmonger Spur (short lived rain - note the jackets are off now)

Day 1: After lunch at the junction of Breakfast Creek and the Coxs River we went for a side trip up Breakfast Creek to try and locate an old mine - success!

Day 1: Stephen in the mine

Day 1: One of numerous creek crossings - Chris does it the easy way

Day 1: Our camp for the night alongside the Coxs River

Day 1: Yvonne & Pam persevere with getting a fire going - everthing is very damp

Day 2: View from Knights Deck

Day 2: View from Knights Deck

Day 2: Chris, Pam, Ksenya descending unnamed spur from Knights Deck

Day 2: Stephen and Yvonne leading the way down

Day 2: Chris crossing Breakfast Creek for the second time after lunch at Frying Pan Flat

Day 2: Flower

Day 2: Brief descent into a saddle on our way up Pots & Pans Spur

Day 2: View from the top of Pots & Pans Spur (Kanangra Walls in the far distance)

Day 2: Ksenya looking contemplative [or unimpressed I am taking her photo? :)]

Day 2: Descending Ironpot Mountains

Day 2: Friendly fellow we encountered on our way back to Carlons