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Walls of Jerusalem to Lake St Clair via The Never Never, Tasmania

Day 1: Tom at Trapper's Hut

Day 1: Tom with full pack

Day 1: Dead trees

Day 1: Pleasant weather on the first evening

Day 2: Tom at Herod's Gate

Day 2: The Walls

Day 2: Damascus Gate

Day 2: Looking back within the Walls

Day 2: Tom on his way to King David's Peak (little speck on one of the hills)

Day 2: the fly comes in handy

Day 3: View from Mt Jerusalem

Day 3: Tom on Mt Jerusalem with great views towards the Walls!

Day 3: Amazing track construction!

Day 3: Tom descending on another amazing piece of track

Day 3: Dixon's Kingdom Hut

Day 3: Tree cemetary at the South end of Lake Ball

Day 3: Lunch at the North end of Lake Adelaide

Day 3: Camp at the South end of Lake Adelaide

Day 3: Tom on his well constructed & stable seat

Day 4: beautiful Lake Meston (helped that the sun decided to come out!)

Day 4: Lake Meston

Day 4: Tom in Lake Meston Hut which clearly gets a fair bit of use

Day 4: adding a spare bit of paper to the log book since it was full

Day 4: Orchard on the banks of the Mersey River

Day 4: fireplace at our campsite at Junction Lake - a problem because the whole are is designated "Fuel Stove Only" so fires are not permitted, and secondly look at all the foil that has been left behind...

Day 4: Echnida has no idea Tom is there

Day 4: Oblivious echnida

Day 5: Clarke Falls, just below Junction Lake

Day 5: trying to decide where to cross the Mersey

Day 5: Tom may have encountered some mud

Day 5: ...and perhaps a bit more...

Day 5:

Day 5: McCoy Falls

Day 5: Hartnett Falls (where we join the Overland Track)

Day 5: funky Pandini

Day 5: Tom at the top of Hartnett Falls

Day 6: Looking up at the Acropolis from the plateau

Day 6: Tom on the Acropolis looking to Lake St Clair

Day 6: Tom on the Acropolis looking to Lake St Clair

Day 6: funky rocks on the Acropolis

Day 6: Tom exploring the base of the 'true summit'

Day 6: Looking back at where we were

Day 7: The photographer at work... at 7am in the morning?

Day 7: a yabbie crosses our path

Day 7: Tom on one of the swing bridges back to the main track from Pine Valley

Day 7: on approach to Narcissus Bay

Day 7:

Day 7: Our campsite with view of Narcissus River

Day 7: Sunset

Day 8: Sunrise (6:15am)

Day 8: early morning at the Narcissus River Wharf

Day 8: early morning light on the tree, the ripple in the water on the left is a platypus