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Kanangra to Katoomba

Day 1: It must be this way!

Day 1: Cloudmaker in the distance

Day 1: Rock art

Day 1: Cloudmaker a bit closer

Day 1: The troops marching on

Day 1: Dave making his way over one of the R knolls

Day 1: Looking back to Kanangra Walls

Day 1: The very exciting summit of Cloudmaker

Day 1: Setting up camp at Dex's Creek

Day 2: Tent city at Dex's Creek

Day 2: Distinctive Kanangra spurs

Day 2: Picking our way down to the Coxs

Day 2: Views

Day 2: Matthew consulting the map

Day 2: Dylan washing off in Kanangra Creek

Day 2: Junction of Kanangra Creek and Coxs River

Day 2: Maureen crossing the Coxs River

Day 2: Dylan crossing the Coxs River

Day 2: The picturesque Coxs River

Day 2: Dave and Alexa at Mobbs Swamp. How could you miss it?

Day 2: Camp at Mobbs Swamp

Day 3: The "gloomy" camp cave

Day 3: Collecting water

Day 3: Dylan starting up Taros Ladder

Day 3: Dylan further up Taros Ladder

Day 3: Views

Day 3: Warragamba Dam in the distance

Day 3: Matt on his way up the ladder

Day 3: The long fire trail bash back to the car

Day 3: More fire trail

Day 3: Waratah on Narrowneck