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Routeburn Track

Day 1: Tom at the beginning of the Routeburn

Day 1: Crossing the first bridge

Day 1: Crossing a swing bridge

Day 1: A pleasant riverside stop

Day 1: Riverside stop

Day 1: Looking back the way we came

Day 1: View from the climb

Day 2: Crossing the plateau, Lake Harris

Day 2: Tom crossing Harris Saddle

Day 2: Views to the sea

Day 2: Us at the top of Conical Hill

Day 2: Tom on the balcony path with spectacular backdrop

Day 2: More spectacular views

Day 2: Tom takes a refreshingly cold dip in Lake Mackenzie

Day 3: Views down the Hollyford vallye

Day 3: Tom at Howden Hut (morning tea break)

Day 3: Lake Howden

Day 3: Lake Marian from Key Summit