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Ettrema creek

contemplative thought

scrambling down the cascades

pack passing

walking down Myall Creek

Myall Creek

Looking down Myall Creek

Looking across to Ettrema

Rachel on knife-edge between Ettrema and Myall Creeks

A very welcome sight!

Swim close to the end of day 1

sunset at the junction of Myall and Ettrema Creeks

Camp site day 1

the gourmet chef at work

Ettrema creek (above the junction)

Swimming at Sentry Box Canyon

Walking down Ettrema Creek

Someone's home is quickly shrinking

Ettrema Creek

Thompson's Cliff

Limestone pool in Jones Creek

Limestone wall in Jones Creek

Where has all the water gone?

The "cascades" of Gallows Gully

Another gourmet meal

Dinner at the end of day 2

Part way up Transportation Spur

The top of Gallows Gully

Squeezing up to Pardon Point

The final climb to Pardon Point

Magnificent view of Hamlet's Crown and the valley from Pardon Point

More views

Rachel, Gill, Caoimhin, Matt, Kate and Mike at Pardon Point

The highest point?