O’Hares Creek exploration (9 Feb 2019)

I’d been searching for a new walk to put on the SBW Program back in November when the Summer Program was being compiled. Flicking through the Wild Swimming Australia book I’d seen Jingga Pool and Minerva Pool but with both being short walks from the car park they didn’t quite fit the brief for an SBW trip. Instead I made up a route which followed fire trails that paralleled O’Hares Creek before we’d bashing to the creek and following it downstream.

The day started fairly uneventfully, the most difficult obstacles of the day being large golden orb spider webs which covered the track.


Difficult obstacles early on

We arrived at O’Hares Creek in time for morning tea, at a lovely pool. Of course it didn’t take Alex and Tom long to get in.


Morning tea swimming time

After morning tea we were straight into the swimming with a large pool to cross to continue downstream. And so the pattern was set – swim, walk on some rocky slabs, squeeze through some river gums, and on we went. It felt like there was more swimming than walking! The banks were not looking great for walking so we generally stuck to the creek.


Beautiful cascades


One of many swims

At one point despite there being a perfectly good jump rock Alex decided he was going to jump out of a tree. It provided us with a lot of entertainment…


What’s that in the tree?


Is it a leopard?


Maybe a panther?


More likely a drop bear!


Oh, it’s superman


Exiting after another swim


Alex forgot to bring tea bags so tried out casuarina needle tea… not sure it will become a thing

We had a relatively early lunch since there were potential storms forecast and some clouds had started gathering. Looking at the map I concluded we’d only covered 1.5km in the 2 hours since morning tea. With over 3km to go we were unlikely to be having an early finish!


It’s only lunch time and they already look exhausted!


Vivien on a nice slabby section


Intricate weathering

Fortunately the brooding clouds blew away and we didn’t get any rain or storms that had been forecast. Just a warm day (early 30s) which was good given how much swimming we were doing.


Melanie swimming again


River gauge near Cobbong Creek junction




Nearing the junction with Stokes Creek


Crossing Stokes Creek

Eventually we made it to Jingga Pool, where unsurprisingly there were some other people. Alex was warned not to jump as the water wasn’t deep enough, but after depth testing, Alex was jumping (no surprises there).


Admiring Jingga pool


Synchro jumping


The aftermath


More jumping

From Jingga Pool it’s only a short, but very steep, walk back to the car park.

A fun day out in a new part of NSW.